Rockabilly Barbers Winner Bethpage Best of Long Island 2017

  • 2017

    2017: Long Islanders Voted Rockabilly Barbers Best Barber Shop on Long Island

    Rockabilly Barbers’ has such a devoted following that many of its customers come from near and far in pursuit of that perfect cut. The perennial Best Of Long Island competitor has established itself as one of the go-to barber shops in this crowded and uber-competitive category. Yet Rockabilly Barbers is an experience unlike any other, and Long Islanders consistently recognize its sheer commitment to excellence by declaring this extraordinary shop the Best Barber Shop on Long Island! Aside from boasting some of the most talented barbers in the region, its stylists know how to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience as you rock out in your chair. Some Social Distortion, perhaps? Sure. Some Pixies? Did I hear somebody say they liked the Pixies? But of course! This is the ultimate barber experience, and there’s absolutely no wonder why Long Islanders have yet again proclaimed it the best!

  • 2015

    2015: Long Islanders Voted Rockabilly Barbers Best Barber Shop on Long Island!

    Whether it’s a straight-up crew or a ‘50s-style Elvis look you’re going for, Rockabilly Barbers’ talented (and crazy cool) team will make that vision a reality. So much more than a typical barber shop, you never know what band you’ll hear rocking out from the joint’s sound system as you get your cut. One thing you will know: Every trip here is characterized by good vibes, style, and their absolutely amazing staff.

  • 2012

    1st Place Best Barber Shop Long Island Press 2012

    Rockabilly Barbers is the Island’s premiere rock-n-roll barbershop, staffed with talented barbers that provide haircuts, hair colors and more. The place isn’t just about haircuts and shaves; they pride themselves on awesome music, “everything from the ’50s to today’s rock hits,” describing themselves as “not your father’s barber shop.” The barbershop serves Long Island with three Rockabilly locations.

  • 2011

    1st Place Best Barber Shop Long Island Press 2011

    Rockabilly Barbers rocks! Anyone who has ever sat in the chair at one of their three locations on Long Island knows why these guys are the perennial winners in this category—not to mention, why there’s always a healthy line in the waiting area. It’s the level of care and attention to detail they put into each haircut. Want to really treat yourself? Ask them for a hot shave.

  • 2010

    1st Place Best Barber Shop Long Island Press 2010

    You don’t have to be a rockabilly rebel to see why Rockabilly Barbers has been named a Best Barber Shop winner five years running. The staff at these three shops are perfectionists when it comes to men’s haircuts, fine-tuning each with a straight razor—just like it’s supposed to be. For those who expect their barbers to have some flair, this is the place to get a trim. And yes, these guys have good taste in music, so don’t expect to hear any Z100 while you’re in the chair.

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